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WOKE. Is a multimedia art platform that is committed to diversifying the creative industry.


This was a venture initially formulated by artist, curator and filmmaker Nacheal Catnott. This was contrived as a result of her experiences of being a working artist and creative trying to navigate herself through the industry. 
Nacheal soon began to realise serious cultural and social limitations and was troubled by the lack of representation particularly when it came to the presence of people of colour in leading organisations and institutions.
Nacheal soon partnered with Jamie Barton whom she met whilst studying at Goldsmiths University of London in 2017 during the distribution of her short documentary film entitled the Battle of Lewisham.
Jamie was drawn to WOKE. out of a desire to learn and trace the histories of Black Britain with others. He is interested in the history and development of Black Britain, the nature of moral panics and British legal and media interpretations of race and racism
Realising that they shared the same desire and passion for challenging the social landscape and making the creative industry more diverse, they came together and formed WOKE. in September 2018. 
Utilising her background in fine art, film and curation along with Jamies knowledge of politics and journalism WOKE. remains intent on creating opportunities and celebrating the talent of creative people of colour. 





Jamie and Nacheal x