WOKE. has been privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with some phenomenal creatives and work alongside renowned institutions and organisations.
Please find below testimonies from some of those who have experienced working with:




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I was surprised but extremely pleased to be invited by WOKE. to give a talk on my art practice. The surprise was because my artwork doesn’t solely focus on my black identity and pleased that recent arts graduates without arts funding had been motivated to start such an ambitious but worthwhile project so soon after leaving art school. Nacheal and Jamie of WOKE. successfully managed to gather a more diverse audience raising interesting and varied points not usually discussed in relation to my work. If asked by WOKE. again to give a talk I would be more than happy to accept the invitation.


©Janette Parris



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I was very honoured to be exhibiting as part of WOKE. Art Exhibition back in October 2018.  As a portrait painter it is quite difficult to be making traditional work within a very conceptual art scene. Having the opportunity to exhibit my work amongst a variety of works such as film, sculpture and design really showcased the variety of work the art world has to offer. It was interesting that the fellow artists I had exhibited with where from minority backgrounds, something I had not really taken notice within the art world before. This was the sole purpose of the exhibition, to provide awareness and highlight this imbalance. The location was something I had adorned – a very unconventional space, it provided a warm and welcoming environment. It was fantastic to see so many friends and relatives feel comfortable in a familiar space such as The Flying Dutchman and not feel alienated and out of place as they would in a white gallery setting. Overall, my experience exhibiting with WOKE was very positive and I look forward to their future endeavours.

©Michaela Efford Photography 2018






I’ve had the pleasure of hosting WOKE.’s Black History Month Exhibition at The Flying Dutchman. It’s very inspiring to see such a talented collective of young black artists come together to help shape and change the narrative around black voices, black bodies and black art. Founders Nacheal and Jamie managed to create a sold out multi disciplinary event, bringing together some of the best, most talented, outspoken, WOKE, black creators in the London art scene at the moment. I fully support the message behind WOKE. and look forward to hosting Nacheal, Jamie and their band of creators again in the near future.
-Ella Paradis
Director of FD
©The Flying Dutchman 2018